Meta-Post: Areas of Interest

Enterprise Musings - Goings on in the enterprise software / hardware landscape w.r.t. new and modern ways of building, deploying, scaling, and managing mission-critical systems and platforms.

P2P Innovations - Things that catch my eye in the emerging ecosystem that is developing around peer-to-peer systems from Bitcoin to Uber to distributed systems / databases, etc.

Startup ecosystems - Many of the new exciting trends in computing revolve around social, mobile, cloud, data, sensors and more. These trends spawn a great deal of companies to take advantage of how companies invest in technology to solve their challenges… I’ve always been very fascinated by how these companies emerge, the impetus behind them, the timing when they enter the market and start to acquire customers, etc.

Distributed systems - It is my belief that all new software applications built in the modern era (2010-present) will essentially be distributed systems because they can be characterized by either generating or consuming large amounts (petabytes or more) of data and/or servicing millions or billions or users.

Friction - I think much of the untapped value in the world that represents the lowest hanging fruit for entrepreneurs is unlocking high levels of convenience for consumers on a global basis. That might sound extremely vague, but it is my strong belief that high value commodities are still extremely complex to consume. Ground car-transportation is one industry being completely revolutionized by push-button convenience, i.e. Uber. On-demand computing is another industry in which many have attempted at automating consumption but arguably no one has been on the right side of history and done it anywhere near as good as Amazon Web Services.

Daily relevant observations - I will also write about things that occur to me sometimes on a daily basis.


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